Raymond Tour Company LTD

Is a Tanzania based Tour company registered in ( BRELA) Business Registration and Licensing Agency  with registration NO. 139032780  for carrying out the business of tour operator in all over Tanzania.

Hence the company is recognized  by the Tanzania's Registar of companies and Tanzania Revenue Authority(TRA).

We offer the unique and authentic  adventure  Tours off the beaten tracks.

We specialise in...

  1. Usambara mountains Hiking.
  2. Tanzania Safaris,
  3. Mt.kilimanjaro Trekking .
  4. Zanzibar beach holidays.
  5. Cultural tours
  6. AND all things to do in Tanzania

Our main office is in LUSHOTO town (Usambara mountains)  but  we can  meet and start our tour in moshi or Arusha.

We enjoy sharing the beautiful environment of Lushoto-Usambara Mountains and the exciting wildlife of Tanzania.

We are lucky to have such a beautiful country and  we prefer to show you places off the beaten track. The secret beautiful spots away from all the other tourists.

You can design your own tour and we help you  fullfill your goal.

Have a look at the reviews as well, hope they give a good indication of who we are and how our customers experience our guiding and servises.


Hope you are interested in a local guide for the Hiking off the beaten track in Usambara Mountains or for an off the beaten track Safari

Please let us  know! We can offer you one of our standard packages or we can make a program together that fits your wishes.


See tour offers below.

About Raymond

  Hi, I am Raymond and I am (surprisingly) the owner of   Raymond Tour Company.

I am a professional , authorized  and certified tour guide.I have been a guide in the Usambara mountains  for several years and I know what my customers really  need.

At the moment  I have extended my services to offer all tours in Tanzania under my company.

The mountains are my home as I was born and raised in Lushoto, one of the bigger places in the area.

I went to primary and  Secondary school  in Lushoto,  High school in Dodoma Then studied Tourism management and tour guiding at Eckernforde Tanga University.

My mother tongue is Sambaa but I do speak more languages: Swahili, English, sambaa and a bit of “goedemiddag!”. I love to learn the languages of my customers and hear about their culture.

The smile that starts getting bigger and bigger on the faces of my customers while seeing the beauty of Tanzania makes me smile as well (and I like to smile a lot! 😊) I also find it important to share my knowledge of the environment, wildlife and Tanzanian culture

Any questions or interested in an offer? Leave a message via the contact form and I will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also contact me via phone/whatsapp: +255 718033718

Raymond Tour company LTD


we specialize in;

  1. Usambara mountains hiking.
  2. Tanzania Safaris ,
  3. kilimanjaro Trekking.
  4. zanzibar holidays.
  5. Cultural tours 

Raymond Tours offers

Usambara hikes

Fertile green mountains, amazing rainforest, endless views, beautiful rugged cliffs and friendly village people. Escape the busy touristic places and discover the Usambara area with a great hike. 

Tanzania off the beaten track safari

The wildlife of Tanzania is one of the best! I have to agree, Serengeti and Ngorongoro are great. But I would like to show you the more hidden places, away from the big tourist spots. 

Customized programs

I can offer you a custom made program. Special offers for families with children, bigger groups are also possible. Let me know what you are looking for and we can discuss the opportunities together. 

What you can view together with Raymond Tours

Get in touch with me

I'm happy to give you more information about the possibilites of hikes and safaris, the environment or to make you a customized program. 

Raymond Tours

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