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Tours and safari company in Arusha , Tanzania ,Africa owned and operated by a local Tanzanian Family. Our knowledge of Tanzania safari is unrivaled, combine this with a passion and commitment to tailor-made travel solutions, we are committed to providing you with up to date knowledge, reliable and efficient service, and seamless operations. We are delighted to hear from you anytime. 

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Our professional guides prioritise safety whilst going the extra mile to create an unforgettable experience.

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We strive to accommodate your specific requests, no matter how unique the ask!

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ZAFS uplifts the community, showcases Tanzania, and maintains a local mission even when expanding.

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We’ll stay connected and cater to your every need throughout your journey, from booking to farewell.

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 Tanzania  safari have something for everyone - whether it is game drives, hot air balloon safaris or relaxing in luxury lodges, our tailor-made packages will have you covered.



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Explore Tanzania like never before on our varied safari packages, where you'll encounter iconic wildlife and soak in the rich traditions of the region.
Zanzibar island

Zanzibar Island Tour

Zanzibar Island Explorations: Dive into a world of wonder on Zanzibar Island. Our tours take you to hidden beaches, historic sites, and spice farms.
Usambara mountains hiking

Usambara mountains hiking

Explore Usambara Mountains: Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you hike through the stunning Usambara Mountains, revealing nature's beauty at its best.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Conquer Kilimanjaro: Your guide to summiting Kilimanjaro. Get expert advice, trekking tips, and breathtaking photos of this iconic mountain.
Other Pakages

Other Pakages

Tanzania Unbound: Explore Our Varied Travel Packages: Step off the beaten path and into a world of adventure. Our travel packages showcase the many facets of Tanzania's beauty and culture.

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Hot Air Balloon
Mountain Trekking
Go & Travel Wonder
Kilimanjaro Mountain
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Our Most Visited Destinations In Tanzania

Tanzania is the world’s second largest in wildlife attractions with Ngorongoro and Serengeti leading the race. More than 2 m travelers visit Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar annually. 

Usambara mountain
Kilimanjaro mountain
Ngorongoro crater
Tarangire national park



A very nice and fine experience climbing Kilimanjaro 8 days and safari 2 days with the team from Raymond Tour Company.

Göran Ahlmann Designation: Climbing Kilimanjaro & Safari

Very friendly and trustworthy guy! loved the trip and especially his knowledge regarding the usambara mountains was superb

Roos Barth Designation: Ushambara Mountains

We booked a 3 days tour in the Usambara mountains with Raymond (from Lushoto to Magumba View Point)and we ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND it. We enjoyed every single minute. Besides the fantastic view, food and accommodation, we also had great conversation about Usambara people, culture, nature and talked a lot about Tanzanian society, politics and development. Raymond really gave as an inside view of this wonderful country. The trip ended with the best view in Tanzania in the Magumba View Cottage. Raymond even picked us up from the bus station and made sure we catch the right bus in time for our next destinations. Thank you also to Raymond’s friends who helps us with planing further stops on our trip. Thank you very much for this trip Raymond - we will make sure to visit you again on our next trip in Tansania.

Yasmina Designation: Ushambara Mountains

I was in Tanzania with a group of friends and the experience was amazing. Ray is one of the best tour guide. Good person, good staff. Don't hesitate in call him. Tanzania Safari is a must.

Jacob G Designation: Tanzania Safari

We had a really nice 3-day tour with our guide Raymond. He was really social, communicates well and adapts easily to what you need. We had really nice conversations and Raymond learnt us a lot about the environment of the Usambara Mountains. We would really recommend!

Naviga Designation: Ushambara Mountains

We did a 3 day tour to the Magumba View Cottage with Raymond and it was amazing. The hike is medium hard and the view along the way is breathtaking. There are so many nice spots and Raymond is adapting the tour to the wishes and abilities of the client. The best thing about the tour is that Raymond is such an open and interesting guy to speak to. We had discussions about various different topics and it was very enriching to hear his opinion on them. We had such a great time learning a lot about the local culture and history and also about the recent developments in the country. Thanks a lot Raymond!

Rosa Torra Designation: Magumba View Cottage

Amazing trekking experience through the Ushambara mountains. Raymond and his colleagues are really nice, funny and kind. We all enjoyed very much the nights playing UNO cards!

Clarius Designation: Ushambara Mountains

We had a great 3 days hiking thru Usambara mountains. The organization was really good. The guides were all time taking care of us and explaining us things about the places we crossed, the nature, the costumes, etc We had a great time, including food and hostage places!

5 days in Zanzibar
Esther A Designation: Ushambara Mountains

Raymond is such a nice guy, who told us everything about the Usambara Mountains. It really felt like hiking with a friend in stead of a guide. Raymond is the best guide we had during our trip. We’ve had wonderful conversations and laughed a lot. He arranged everything perfectly for us and adapted the plan when needed. Thank you big time!! Also the mountains were very beautiful and the hike was a good way to explore the nature of Tanzania. We recommend for sure!

Anouk Designation: Ushambara Mountains

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Tanzania’s Wildlife Wonderland: Safari through diverse ecosystems in Tanzania’s National Parks.

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Serengeti national park

Serengeti National Park, where nature meets adventure – explore it with us.

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Tarangire national park

Experience the magic of Tarangire National Park’s dramatic landscapes and captivating wildlife.

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Ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro Crater Adventures: Unearth the secrets of this ancient volcanic caldera.

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